Library is the heart of any institute. Our institute is having spacious library with maximum seating capacity for students to read books. It also has sufficient number of title and books of various subjects of pharmacy and other too. National and International journals are also subscribed so that students could become aware of ongoing research in the field of pharmacy. Our library is digitalized and equipped with E-GRANTHALAY software with barcoding and scanning.




 Digitalization plays a key role in this era. Our institute is having well equipped computer center with 25 number of multimedia computers. All computers are interconnected with Local Area Network (LAN) and printing facility is also provided. All computers were connected to internet. Students can prepare various projects and can acquire soft skills. Students can also exposed to various online courses through Swayam, MOOCs etc.




Various pharmaceutical processes, quality control tests and identification tests need use of various equipment and instruments. To perform various practical and make students ready for industry, working of machines should be known to them. Our institute is having well instrumented Machine room. Various machines like single punch tablet machine, capsule filling machine, homogenizer, ball mill, coating machine, deionizer, distillation unit, tincture press, ampule filling machine, autoclave, hot air oven, BOD incubator, laminar air flow and more are present in machine room. 




Various artifacts are displayed in museum. In our institute museum is in the form of window display and department wise. Various formulations are displayed according to dosage form and category. Crude drugs are also displayed in museum.




Our institute has a very large pharmacognosy garden. The garden is present around the institute building and divided in blocks. Various medicinal plants are present in the garden like amla, shatavari, bramhi, parijatak, Nirgund, Lavender, chameli, marava, hadaga, Cinnamon, Calamus, Umbar, vinca etc.