Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)



PEO1.      The Students must get strong wings of knowledge, skill and eager for higher education.

PEO2.      The students shall be equipped with respect for profession, integrity and ethical goals to become an Ideal pharmacist.

PEO3.      The student shall be charged with innovative ideas by using ingenious thinking and inculcate entrepreneurship to envision better ways of accomplishing professional goals in pharmacy.

PEO4.      The student shall get contemporary professional and lifelong learning skills with updated knowledge.

PEO5.      The student shall continuously strive to expand their knowledge to serve the society in providing professional services in an efficient way.

PEO6.      The student shall develop the ability to function effectively as team member and as a leader at workplace to develop professional integrity.

PEO7.      The student shall imbibe an attitude to develop special skill to improve community health.