• Students should maintain discipline in the institute and must obey the instructions given by Principal and staff of the institute from time to time.
  • Student should carry identity card regularly andproduce it whenever demanded.
  • Student must attain lectures and practical regularly and should be punctual about time. If student want to remain absent, he will be allowed only on valid grounds and after permission of the Principal only. However in no case attendance should not be less than 80 % for theory and 100 % for practical, to allow him/her to appear the final examination. 
  • Student should submit the assignments / any other work given by staff in time.
  • Parent should regularly review the academic calendar & progress card of the students.
  • Students should remain present for any extra classes conducted for academic improvement or completion of syllabus.
  • Students should read the notices displayed on the notice board regularly. College will not be responsible for any loss / disadvantage due to negligence of reading notice.
  • Consumption of tobacco in any form, alcoholic beverages, chewing gum etc. is strictly prohibited in the premises.
  • Use of devices like mobile phone, tab are strictly prohibited in the classroom and laboratories.
  • Student should not involve in any such activity which may cause damage to institutional property as well as reputation. It will be treated seriously and is likely to result in rustication of student.
  • Students must wear apron, cap and mask during practical work and should bring all necessary things provided in the kit.
  • Students should not involve in any antisocial activity, ragging and harassment activities. It will be treated seriously and is likely to result in rustication of student. Every student and his parent should submit online affidavit that he/she or his/her son/daughter should not involve in any such activity and aware of consequences of such activity. Link for online anti-ragging affidavit is
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  • Students are bound to the above rules of discipline which are subject to change or modifications from time to time. The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on the students.